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About Vitual Vivah Matrimony

Virtualvivah, India’s choicest issuer of online matchmaking offerings entirely affords brilliant offerings for the Hindu community and the Indian diaspora through its website, and mobile site, which can be supplemented by way of an on-the-ground network of loads of retail places in India. Virtualvivah is a matchmaking service for dad and mom seeking out a lifestyles spouse for his or her youngsters or grandchildren. We focus on handing over vast family and heritage information, unlike different matrimonial offerings; to assist you to take the following step with confidence. You may find it healthy in your very own neighborhood.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Until the entire pairing procedure is completed, we make sure that our crew is always by your side, as if you were a member of the family. Additionally, our huge and thoroughly researched database ensures that you locate your ideal match in the shortest amount of time and iterations possible. It makes no difference to us what age group or societal category you belong to. We are 100 percent certain in our efficient and effective delivery of a Happy Marriage.

virtual vivah matrimony
Our Vision

To always be the foremost in the Matrimonial field and to bring innovative features that will benefit subscribers. Plan to increase with a global consumer base that is both dedicated and growing. We are concentrating our efforts solely on Hindu groups only.

Our Mission

To assist you in getting closer to your goal outcome while being religious. To exceed responsible for the compliance, introduce new matchmaking possibilities. Our subscriber base continues to grow in the communities.

How to use

 how to use Virtual Vivah Matrimony


How do I enroll for Virtual Vivah Matrimony (

By filling out the required information, you can enroll for VirtualVivah for free. You even can, Register in virtualvivah with no id proof. We will just audit your information over the call to check the authorized profile.

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How can I set partner preference to get a perfect life partner?

You can set partner preference when the registration is completed. You can set preferred age, marital status, preferred caste & mother tongue, and profession for your life partner also. You can change it while finding matches from my preference option.

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How my profile will be activated?

After your successful registration, our customer relationship executives will call you on your number to just check your identity. If everything is provided by you correctly without a doubt then your profile will be authorized. Once authentication is completed, your profile will be activated soon and you can able to login.

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How to find the perfect life partner?

Once you log in to your account, you can see partner suggestions related to your preference. You can choose your partner from virtual vivah matrimony’s registered members. You can also save your liked member’s profiles. The extra feature we provide you is to share any profile’s ID directly to show your family members.

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How to express interest to the desired partners?

After selecting the profiles you liked, there is the option to send the interest to members. You can also find suggestions in the profile section. In the profile section, you can check the sent interest list and the received request list will also show there. In the profile section, we gave suggestions and check showed interest list.

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How to contact your matches?

Once any user accepts the request, their profile will be added in my matches of the profile section. You can contact him/her directly through the contact details shown in the “Contact Details” section of his/her profile. There is the option to send the message over WhatsApp directly also you can call directly on your match’s contact number if he/she had chosen the option to call directly.

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How to share any member's profile through social media or directly to my relatives?

Users can share their own or other member's profile directly to their relatives through direct link sharing. Users can copy profiles by clicking the share icon from the user detail page. Once you copy the profile link, you can share a link with your relatives. Please note that we can take legal action in any case of misuse of this feature.

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How to upload my success story if you get a partner from

You can add your success story from the success story page. You have to log in first to upload your Success story, Once you click on the upload button. You have to enter your partner's Email ID, Your couple photo, and your experience with After you fill in all detail, the detail will be submitted to our management team. Once the detail will be verified with both members your success story will be lived on the website.

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How to contact us regarding any issue or suggestion?

You can reach us directly by sending an email to us. You can also submit your query to us and directly through the contact/support page. You can select a reason for contacting, add a subject, and your query or suggestions. We will contact you back on your email once the query will be solved regarding any help.


virtual vivah matrimony

In this community you can contact direct on whatsapp. But you have to send interest to the that member. After you get matrimony whatsapp number or contact numer of that member. Find the perfect match with best match making service provider.

virtual vivah matrimony

Members or visitors can view only some of your details. Registered members can view all your details.

virtual vivah matrimony

Yes, you can update information of your profile except gender and username.

virtual vivah matrimony

Yes, you can sign in on behalf of someone else. You can register for your brother/sister/Son/Daughter/Relatives and himself with the different VirtualVivah Profile ID. Please sign up separate profiles for you and your sibling for individual partner searches. Only need to mention that profiles being registered by siblings, parents, relatives, etc.

virtual vivah matrimony

Creating a profile on is free. Go to home page on and select the option Sign up. Fill the REGISTRATION FORM provide name, gender, e-mail ID, birth date, mobile number and password are mandatory. You can also register with your whatsapp number Just send your bio data on our WhatsApp +91 7990043939 with your profile picture.Once you entire the registration form the profile is screened and made available to be viewed by other members within 24 hrs. You shall be given a ‘VirtualVivah ID' generated for future references and login purposes.